Istanbul, Vefa Kilisse Camii

Location Hoca Gıyasettin Mahallesi, Vefa Caddesi Tirendaz Sokak, 34134 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey
Placement In the narthex and around the windows

INCOMPLETE USE TFM The surviving mosaics from the mosque of Vefa Kilisse Camii may perhaps date to c 1300. They are contained in the three domes of the outer narthex and in the arches of the windows. The mosaics are most complete in the ribbed south dome where there is a roundel of a bust Virgin and Christ child in the centre and eight figures identified as the kings of Judah in flutes. The central pumpkin dome has a rainbow border round the central medallion, which may have contained a bust of Christ, and the remains of six prophets between the windows It is plausible that if the narthex, the outermost area of the building, held mosaics then the rest of the church was also mosaicked, but the interior of the church has never been stripped of its plaster. Vefa Kilisse Camii has not been identified with any Byzantine church, nor securely dated: the core may perhaps be eleventh or twelfth century, with a thirteenth or fourteenth century Palaeologan addition of an outer narthex.

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