Cimitile, S Felice

Also known as Just outside Nola, close to Naples.
Era 5AD
Location Vicolo G. Mautone, 2, 80030 Cimitile NA, Italy
Placement I'm not sure I have the placement right.

Mosaics at the shrine of St Felix at Cimitile (Nola) close to Naples, date to the early part of the century. They survive in the aedicola around the tomb of Felix, built between 484 and 523. The peacocks and vine scrolling decoration are reminiscent of floor mosaic as much as of other wall mosaics. Cimitile was the necropolis of Nola and a pilgrimage site, well-known, thanks to Bishop Paulinus’ (409-431) publicising of his renovations at Cimitile and in Nola itself where he was bishop.